Monday, April 06, 2009

Opening Day Angels Win

That was a sweet game. The A's only threatened seriously once, in the second inning, and Joe Saunders got out of it with a double play.

Howie Kendrick brought the big bat with a single and homer. Last year Howie didn't hit his 1st until July. I wasn't impressed by the AB's Kowbell had, coming off a monster winter league and spring training, but his defense at first was nice. We didn't need his bat tonight anyway, here's hoping he gets 3 hits next game.

Everyone's been expected Joe Saunders to collapse. Something about not striking out enough guys. I'm guilty, even my system shows a 4.30 ERA (though at least that is still slightly above average in the AL.) Sometimes lefties with good control come along and make fools of the projections for 20 years. Let's see how long Joe can do it.