Friday, March 09, 2007

Perfect Game

Today I threw my first ever no-hitter in MLB06 The Show. In fact, it was a perfect game. I've probably played 10 seasons worth of games on that thing so its about time. The pitcher was Ervin Santana. In the 9th, with all the pressure on, he induced two popups and then blew a fastball by the last hitter.

Of course, this is no big deal for two reasons.

1. Its only a Playstation portable game, not even an accurate sim

2. More importantly, it was against the Royals.


At 8:40 PM, Blogger Matt said...

Wow, seriously 10 seasons worth of games? I still haven't even finished my one season, not even playing every game.

As a stat freak, I was always trying to tweak the sliders to give me realistic games. I had logistic regressions for predicting my batting average, the computer's average, extra base hit percentage, all based on the sliders. I never really could get a good setting, because even on Hall of Fame, with my contact turned way down, I would be hitting over .300. With very few extra base hits.

Finally I gave up, realizing I wanted a statistically accurate sim, and it wasn't going to happen in a video game.

At 6:44 AM, Anonymous Chone said...

You're right, video games aren't going to ever give you anything close to realistic stats.

I play APBA for realism, and PSP for escapist Angel fantasy. Since MLB06 came out, I have created 5 players, but none of them have played more than 4 years. I play 2 games every day, one each way on my commuter train (PSP). Brandon Wood is in the 2009 season right now.

Its just too easy to make contact in the game. To make it so that someone like me hits in the .230-.290 range that most MLB players fall in, you'd have to make the controls so difficult that the average person would never get a hit.

I played a little ball and probably have hand/eye (or thumb/eye) coordination in the 90th percentile. Make the game so that I'm challenged and a real MLB player (99th percentile or better) will still hit .500 or so.

One thing I do to make it a bit of a challenge is try and get some walks, taking pitches until I have 2 strikes. Even with that approach, Wood only has 2 whiffs in 30 games for 2009.

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