Thursday, August 17, 2006

Brandon Wood

I think his AA career might be over - Sean Rodriguez has been up the last 2 days, and I think Wood is playing with Team USA from here on out. His final numbers are .276-25-83, with 42 doubles, 54 walks, and 149 strikeouts. The walks are a nice sign, its a bit of improvement while moving up a level, the strikeouts obviously a problem. As a prospect he's now somewhere between the next Cal Ripken and Jose Hernandez.

His worst month for strikeouts was April, but he was over 30% for every month. You can see his month by month numbers, plus MLEs which use my formula, but checking out Minor League Splits.

Wood has been reported to have only average speed, but he stole 19 bases in 22 attempts, so he's either a little faster than reported or a very smart baserunner.

If this is the last stat input I get from Wood in 2006, I might as well give his 2007 projection right now: .242/20 HR/ 69 RBI .299 OBP .424 slugging. He's not ready to replace the OC yet, and he's obviously got some things to work on, but the potential is still there.


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