Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chone is off topic, yet again

Joe Saunders was bound to get hit hard one of these days. Sooner or later it happens to everyone. It still hurts to be happening right as the A's, a .500 team against everybody else, has their way again and again with the Mariners. This season, the Mariners, who have played tough against the Angels, have bent over every day for the A's, have not once even stopped to request any lube, but merely respond "THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER?". I'm sick of it. So I think about football.

I saw this on USA TODAY: Football Link

I don't like these kinds of studies. Why don't you tell us how much employees cost their bosses by taking off to care for small children? Or taking lunch breaks? Or chatting about last weekend? Simple fact: Productivity is up. Profits are way up. Wages, not so much. So shut the F*** up about fantasy football. Bosses, just sit back and be happy and be very very quiet about all the money you're raking in, and don't mess with fantasy football. Or one of these days you might drive even right wing survivalist types like myself into plotting the revolution of the proletariat.

"The study also cited a survey saying average fantasy sports owners spend 34 minutes a day just thinking about their teams and spend close to $500 a year on fantasy sports."

Only 34 minutes? Excellent. Not nearly enough time to compete with the likes of me. My Fav-Rah's hope to repeat as champions, but its not a keeper league so we'll have to get the #1 pick to ride Larry Johnson again.

I'd take the top 3 as Johnson, Tomlinson, then Alexander. I would have leaned toward Portis for #4, but the separated shoulder scares me off. One of these days Tiki Barber is going to play like an old running back, much like Curtis Martin last year. It may not be this year, but since as is he's not a touchdown threat, I can't take him in the first half of round one. Lamont Jordan, Stephen Jackson, Cadillac Williams, Ronnie Brown all interesting choices, but nobody I'd want at #4. Rudi Johnson is a safer pick, but won't get you any receiving yards. I don't have a good feeling about Edgerrin James out of Indy.

If I don't pick top 3, I'd rather pick 12th than 4th this year.


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