Monday, August 14, 2006

Two starts for everybody

Its one of those rare weeks in fantasy where it seems everybody lines up for two starts. Needing plenty of wins and strikeouts, I benched part of the bullpen (Chris Ray and Otsuka) to load up on starters. Its not as if Ray is going to get any saves, since that would require the Orioles to actually win a game.

You'd think that when you're tied going to the bottom 10th it would be an opportunity for Ray to try and pick up a win, but not for the Orioles on Saturday. They bypassed the little used Ray to pitch Bruce Chen against Manny Ortez, with not so predictable but still disastrous results (Manny getting the walkoff instead of Ortiz).

On to the 5 starters:

Lackey pitched what looks like a decent but tough game against the best lineup in baseball: Lots of baserunners but only 3 runs in 7 innings. As I right this the Angels and Donnelly are giving up enough runs to put an Angel comeback out of reach.

David Bush pitched a so-so game (5 inn, 6 bsr, 3 ER) and gets a loss. Oswalt is pitching well but losing 2-0 in the 7th. Pedro Martinez was a disaster for the Mets (6 runs in an inning, plus he's hurt again).

Looks like I'll pull out one win tonight as Chuck James has allowed 2 ER in 7 innings and left the game leading 10-3. Don't mess with him. He's CHUCK JAMES, bee-atch!

That leaves 2 starters. Roger Clemens, my unquestioned ace, goes tomorrow and Sunday. Then Ben Sheets later in the week. Its about time for Sheets to give me a good game, due to the timing of his injuries he's been on my bench for all his good games and in the rotation for the crappy ones.

Tonight my fantasy team is just a lot more interesting than the Angels. Except for Howie Kendrick, 3 for 3 and now hitting .336.


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