Monday, April 24, 2006

Angels 3 Tigers 0

Too bad I didn't have Ervin Santana active in fantasy this week. Its a two start week, and he's pitching at home, so it would have been a wise decision, but something told me not to play him. My team has been so bad so far that I would have jinxed him. I'd rather him throw 6 shutout innings with 10K on the bench than take a loss in my lineup.

Seriously. This jinx thing is working. I just need to get more A's. Got Milton Bradley this week. 0 for 5. Huhuhuhuh.

K-Rod was awesome to finish the game, throwing his fastball around 95, and gettings strikes with both the fastball and breaking ball. He looked better than I've seen him since probably 2004.

Overall, a great game for the Halos, who now are in 1st by themselves.


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