Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Angels 7 Orioles 5

Here's a pic of my view watching the Angel bullpen watching the game.

Angels came out to visit me for two days, their only two games in Baltimore until late in the summer. Orioles took the first lead, but the Angel bats were strong, including a two-run homer by Howie Kendrick.

Joe Saunders pitched just well enough to win, and Arredondo, Shields and Fuentes preserved the lead. I spent most of the game in the picnic area behind the bullpens. It was hard to hear exactly what he was saying the whole game, but Justin Speier sure is a lively personality. Most of the bullpen seemed content to sit and watch the game, aside from the times they needed to throw. Not Speier. He was either having fun with his teammates, dancing around between innings, even chatting with the fans some.


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