Thursday, June 05, 2008

Strange Draft

Of the 20 position players taken in the first round, 8 of them are (or very likely will be) first basemen. Pedro Alvarez I'd say is 50/50 to play 3rd or 1st, Brett Wallace I'd be shocked if he played 3rd in the majors, and the other 6 already have nowhere to go on the defensive spectrum.

Of these 8, 7 are lefty hitters and the other (Smoak) is a switch hitter. Only one outfielder was taken in the first round. Altogether, there are 11 lefty hitters and only 6 righties, pretty much the opposite ratio you normally find in big league position players. Part of this is the unusual number of first basemen, but 2 of the 6 shortstops and 2 of the 4 catchers also hit lefty.

It makes me wonder if the top rounds of drafts of the past have been so lefty dominant, and if so, righthanded hitters are almost certainly undervalued, since righties are what make up the bulk of eventual major league hitters.


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