Monday, April 07, 2008


Not one, but two game winning homeruns. One to go ahead in the 8th, and one to walk off in the 9th. Torii bailed out a stinker of an outing by K-Rod. Matthews continued to get on base with his third walk of the game, Vlad finally gets a single. Garret Anderson refused to swing outside the strike zone, walking on for pitches. That must have really confused JoeBo.

While watching the game I was putting together my wins over replacement database. I've got batting baseruns, baserunning, double play avoidance, reaching on errors, and totalzone fielding.

Hunter's runs over average, and over replacement, since he established himself in 2001:

2001 20, 38
2002 13, 32
2003 10, 30
2004 2, 19
2005 10, 23
2006 19, 37
2007 16, 36

Since a win over replacement goes for close to 5 million these days, Hunter is worth 15-18 million in his best years (5 of the last 7) and around 10 million the other two (including injury shortened 2005).

But tonight was priceless.