Thursday, January 31, 2008

Top Prospects, 2008

Two top 100 prospect lists are out today, Keith Law has one at ESPN and Kevin Goldstein another at Baseball Prospectus. The same four Angels make both lists, so our top prospects right now are:

1. Nick Adenhart
2. Brandon Wood
3. Jordan Walden
4. Hank Conger

Simple division tells us the average team has 3.33 prospects on this list. Adenhart and Wood rank in the 30-40 range, with Walden and Conger towards the middle or bottom depending on which list you look at. Right now we're pretty much an average farm system in terms of top line talent. Part of that is because we've moved some excellent prospects into the majors recently, but to keep the machine going we're going to have to restock. Without a first round pick after the Hunter signing, this would be a good year to open the checkbook to a few latin american prospects.