Saturday, March 24, 2007

Figgy is hurt

When Chone Figgins broke his finger, the initial reports were that he might still be able to play opening day. That seemed a little too wishful to me. Even if he was able to play, there's no way he'll be able to swing a bat at 100%. Outside of Right Field (there is no replacement for Vlad), the Angels have tremendous depth everywhere, and there is no reason for anyone to play unless they are 100%. Figgins may be 1% better than Maicer (which is debatable), but if Figgins is at merely 95%, Maicer has to play.

Now the reports are much more realistic, and Figgins isn't going to play until May. Maicer is a more sure-handed infielder. While he's no threat to lead the league in steals, he's a good, smart baserunner, and a rare creature for this team, someone who walks more than he strikes out.

I'm not worried about 3rd base. I'm more worried about the outfield. Vlad and Garret need days off, and they need to spend some time at DH. Matthews is certainly no guaranty. It wouldn't surprise me if a healthy Figgins would have gotten 300 AB just moving around the outfield. I guess we'll find out if Reggie Willits can play. Meanwhile, I wish Figgins a speedy and complete recovery.


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