Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Nice finish

I think I know who the Rev picks for Panther of the game tonight.

Just like the 2002 playoffs against Minnesota, Homerun Kennedy could not get the bunt down. He should try bunting early in the count more often.

Reggie Willits sure can get that bunt down. He's been quite the patient hitter in AAA this year. I kind of doubt he can take walks at anywhere near that rate (77 in only 352 AB) since he presents no power threat, just as Eckstein never walked like he did in the minors. He deserves a shot to prove he can't, though, and may be our leadoff hitter of the future. He could be a real pest.

Only 5.5 back of Choakland now. It would be nice to make up a few more games, obviously, but if we can just stay even until the final week and a half, it will make those last 7 against the A's meaningful. At the very least we can prevent them from getting rest and setting up their playoff rotation.

Oh yeah - Erstad may not have much in the tank, but he sure is clutch.


At 9:15 PM, Anonymous RevHalofan said...

You've got my method figured well!

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