Monday, June 26, 2006

Nathan Haynes

Talk about a blast from the past. I didn't realize he was even still in baseball. Way back in 1999 (before terrorism was big news, internet stocks were can't miss, the US government actually took in as much as it spent, and the Angels and Sox Red and White were cursed forever...I know, a long way back in time) the Angels traded Randy Velarde for two minor league outfielders, Jeff DaVanon and Nathan Haynes. While DaVanon turned into one of the best backup OF's around, Haynes was supposed to be the better prospect.

In 2001 he probably looked his best, hitting .310/.377/.424 as a 21 year old in AA. He was supposed to develop into a Chone Figgins like player, but as a pure outfielder. In other words the leadoff hitter of the future. He kind of stalled out, from the record it looks like a combination of inability to control the strike zone and a bunch of injuries. Last I heard of him it was 2003, he hit only .217 in AAA, and I assumed he retired or something.

Turns out he was still in baseball, but only got 20 AB over the 2004-05 seasons, in the Giant's organization. Must have been some serious injuries, or else he was playing mostly independent ball and I don't have his stats? I'm not sure which.

Now he's back in AA Arkansas, the 5th season he's spent time at AA for the Angels. He's 7 for 14 so far, but the most amazing stat is this: 26. That's his age. He's still less than a year older than Dallas McPherson.

Good luck to Nathan, and I hope he finally gets a cup of coffee at least in the big leagues before the year is out.


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