Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I'm going to Disneyland

The Angels need to regroups after being shut down by Josh Beckett, but my fantasy team in the Halosphere league is busting out the champagne right now.

Six years ago I named my cat, Brian Downing Kaat, after my favorite Angel ballplayer of all time. This year I named my fantasy team after him. Brian Downing's cats finished second in the regular season to the Bonn Bon-Bons, a team run by Bjoern from Germany, an Angel fan who makes me look like I live on Katella Avenue by comparison.

After securing a first round bye, the Cats clawed their way to a 7-6 win over the Reverend, who finished in third place. Then, in the finals they faced the Bon-Bons in a 2 week head to head playoff. It was close most of the way, tied through the first week, but the Cats pulled ahead late for a 9-5 victory. Both opponents had strong seasons and were worthy adversaries.

Following a strong draft, the Cats did not make a single trade all year, but solidified the roster with pickups of Brian Roberts, Ryan Braun, Joe Saunders, and Lance Berkman as the season went on.


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