Friday, July 18, 2008

Good at-bats

Nice work against the Red Sox tonight. I've seen plenty of bad atbats from Torii Hunter this year (not to single him out, it goes for pretty much the whole team) but his first inning PA against Buchholz was impressive. Down 0-2 on fastballs fouled off, Clay brought out the curveball and instead of whiffing Torii hung in and fouled it off. He then alternated taking borderline pitches and fouling off tough ones, before drawing a walk as part of a 3 run inning.

Most of the Angels had some great AB's tonight. The tough thing to tell is if it's a better approach by the players, or poor performance by the Red Sox pitchers. Buchholz had decent velocity, fastball around 92, but only pitch f/x can tell if he had enough movement, and only the batter will know if he's not deceptive enough, tipping pitches, or using poor pitch selection.