Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Lack of recent posts

Mostly, it's frustration with the comments. The spamming jackoffasaurs who post what look to be automated requests to come visit their stupid little scam site. I tried comment verification, I tried requiring registered users. Nothing worked. I don't have the time to clean up posts by deleting these comments. So I might as well just turn all the verification off. I'm allowing anonymous posts, as not doing so seems to put more barriers in the way of my friends than stopping the morons.

For the immediate future, I'll most likely post in other places:

1. Any ideas worth turning into a full length article will most likely be sent to Hardball Times, or Fangraphs.
2. Angels related items will be posted as fanposts on Halos Heaven
3. Random baseball related ideas will go to appropriate threads on Baseballthinkfactory or Insidethebook.

I'll keep this blog around as there's no cost to it, and I do find it interesting to look through the archives. Both to see how right I was on something (like the Rays in the preseason of 2008) or how completely wrong I was.