Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Boston Marlins

With Josh Beckett on the mound, the Red Sox start 3 members of the 2003 Marlins. If Wily Mo is playing the OF over Nixon, and JT Snow starts at first, they would only have 3 2004 Red Sox in the lineup.

If Hee Seop Choi gets any playing time, there's another former Marlin, though one without a 2003 ring.

Monday, April 24, 2006

This is ridiculous

Barry Bonds. Hitting .229 with one homer, and 20 walks. His OBP is still over .500. Come on pitchers, make the old fart prove he can still swing before you throw that many free passes.

Didn't work out too well tonight, did it? Moises Alou drives in 5 runs. Is Barry still a better hitter than Moises? With all the injuries, I'm not so sure he still is.

Update: Barry Bonds has now homered in 2 games in a row, today's was a game tying 9th inning job off Billy Wagner. So ignore what I said above, continue walking him.

Angels 3 Tigers 0

Too bad I didn't have Ervin Santana active in fantasy this week. Its a two start week, and he's pitching at home, so it would have been a wise decision, but something told me not to play him. My team has been so bad so far that I would have jinxed him. I'd rather him throw 6 shutout innings with 10K on the bench than take a loss in my lineup.

Seriously. This jinx thing is working. I just need to get more A's. Got Milton Bradley this week. 0 for 5. Huhuhuhuh.

K-Rod was awesome to finish the game, throwing his fastball around 95, and gettings strikes with both the fastball and breaking ball. He looked better than I've seen him since probably 2004.

Overall, a great game for the Halos, who now are in 1st by themselves.

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Return of the Kingfish

La Times reports that Tim Salmon is expected to make the team today. Is he the best choice for the Angels' DH? I don't know, its tough to accurately project a 37 year old who missed a year, had every injury known to man, and wasn't very good in 2004, the last time he played.

Should Juan Rivera get more AB? Should Kendry or Kendrick or D-Mac make the team as DH? I don't know, and I don't care. They'll get their chances in the future. I want Tim Salmon on this Angel team. I'm being an unapologetic fan here. He's earned it with his .346 average and 4 homers this spring. The team says his bat speed looks good, and he could be the one player on the team who will actually work counts and take walks.

If it doesn't work out, then Salmon will probably get 100 AB and then ride off into the sunset, with the knowledge he gave the Angels everything he had. And fans will get one last chance to cheer for the greatest Angel to ever play the game.

At least until 20 years from know, when Brandon Wood hits his 400th HR on his 3000th hit.